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In Anacortes!

Anacortes, Washington - our starting point.

Anacortes, Washington - our starting point.

Debbie: For us, today really was an exciting day, as it was the start of our journey!  We did alot of traveling (and eating) today, leaving Pendleton about 9 am and arriving in Anacortes around 5 pm. We were met here at the hotel and had dinner with many well-wishers (our Fan Club!), including family and friends.  Our kick off dinner was at Palmer’s, where we enjoyed seafood while looking over Swinomish Channel.

We all are eager to get back in the saddle on Sunday morning for our official departure!


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Chicken & Howard: These were taken during a ride up the infamous Cabbage Hill, which we did as part of our training for the ride across America.  The training is tougher than we were hoping for – we’re praying for the ride to be easier!

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Support Vehicles and Supplies

Marshall: My prep so far has been of the mechanical nature – making sure all mechanical aspects are looked at and replacing all parts that are suspect to being a brake-down possibility. U-joints, wheel bearings, belts, hoses, tires; servicing transmissions, the transfer case, front and rear differentials. All this is necessary to travel 10,000 miles without difficulty.

That was the pu, now for the trailer. We are pulling a 2002 Prowler Lite that is 25 feet long. It has the original tires on it. That is a concern! We will replace all four tires and have both axles packed at the same time. We will also do an oil change on the pu at this time. It is a Cummins and we change oil at 5,500 mile intervals, so we’ll have to change it once during the trip.

We are also getting food stuffs together – pots, pans, stoves, propane tanks and food staples bought in bulk (oatmeal, walnuts, craisins, paper plates, plastic wear, cups). All this has to be loaded as to be available, not buried under stuff. It takes some planning!

A few other questions: Which rig for food stuffs?  Which rig for tents, bags, parts, tools and the bike jack? Just some things I have been thinking about.

And a Power Monkey?

Sue P.:  A fun thing that I am bringing  is a Power Monkey eXplorer

A what?  It is a “solar slave”  power charger which I have velcroed onto my Camelbak hydration pack to gather energy from the sun in order to recharge my laptop, iPod and anything else that might need recharging on our trip.  It has numerous connector tips, so whatever the need, it will accommodate. We rode a 63-mile ride on Sunday and the little thing was in full charge after returning to the house!

We have been riding in every kind of weather that one might encounter –  sun (83), cold (42), rain, hail, and WIND. I guess the only thing that we have not encountered is snow and who knows…it snowed in the Blue Mountains last night.

We also bought a new tent. It says it is waterproof but I am going over the seams with a sealant just to be sure; then I have some spray for the walls as well.  I am sure I’m going overboard, but if anyone that is reading this thinks it is a waste of time, please get back to me before tomorrow, because it will be all done by then…

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The whole gang posing in front of the world-famous Pendleton Woolen Mills.

The whole gang posing in front of the world-famous Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Round-Up City greetings from Pendleton on Wheels!  We are a group of fun-loving folks from Pendleton, Oregon who will be riding our bicycles across the northern tier of the United States – 4,322 miles from Anacortes, Washington to Bar Harbor, Maine – beginning in June and ending in August, 2009.

Along the way we will be blogging about our experiences and sharing lots of photos, so please check back often! (Or, for those who use RSS readers, consider syndicating our blog using the “Feeds” links on the upper-right corner of this page)

In the meantime, check out our Cast of Characters page for a closer look at the folks soon to embark on this grand adventure.

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