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Last State!

Welcome to Maine

August 15, 2009: South Waterford, ME to Damariscotta, ME

August 16, 2009: Rest day in Damariscotta, ME

We’re resting today at Duck Pond Campground and exploring the nearby town of Damariscotta. This morning Chuck and Suzi met up with their nephew Chris and his family, and tonight we will enjoy a lobster dinner with Marshall’s Aunt Marge.

Yesterday’s ride from South Waterford to the coastal town of Damariscotta, about 110 miles south of Bar Harbor, was rough. The route could have accurately been described in a single word: “punishing.” The temperature was in the 90s, the humidity in the 80-90% range and the Maine rollers unforgiving. Matters were complicated by the fact that the roads traveled had literally no shoulders, on a Saturday when traffic was relatively heavy.

Approaching a Maine roller.

Approaching a Maine roller.

Ascending a Maine roller.

Ascending a Maine roller.

Fortunately everyone made it in safely, if a little wiped out.

Tomorrow we will bicycle about half of the 110 mile distance from Damariscotta to Bar Harbor, putting us in position to finish our adventure on Tuesday, August 18th, two months and eleven days after beginning it all in Anacortes, Washington.

Yesterday’s bicycling distance: 86 miles.


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